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Qi Gong (Chi Kung)

Qi Gong is a non-contact martial art practiced in China for possibly over 5,000 years. However, it has three branches Spiritual (monks), Martial (soldiers and defender monks) and finally Medical. In this class we focus on the Medical aspect, you will actively learn the art of breath, intention and fluid movement, some acupressure and traditional herbs to enhance your health. This class is adaptable for most fitness levels. You can practice sitting or standing. I will teach you how to change the exercises to meet your needs. This is not a typical American exercise class, “No pain, no gain.” If you feel discomfort or pain, you have pushed too hard and need to lessen your exertion.

Qigong is becoming recognized as a state of the art health care practice by institutions leading the medical field. No equipment needed. Can be started at any level of physical health from a hospital bed to chair practice. 

Grasp the quantum idea: “Everything in life is vibration.” Albert Einstein

Harvard Medical School is at the forefront of recognizing the many benefits of Qigong:

· Stress reduction.

· Better blood pressure control.

· Healthy blood sugar.

· Increased flexibility and endurance.

· Decreased inflammation, aches and pains.

· Gaining support as therapy for Arthritis, MS, Lupus and other chronic degenerative dis-eases.

· Adults and children with Autism, SD, ADD, ADHD and other learning issues develop emotional control, focus and increased attention span. All this while having fun.

These are just a few of the benefits documented in recent studies. 

Sources- Qigong Institute, National Qigong Association archived studies online

Customize a full day workshop, weekend or 6 weeks of 1-2 hour classes.

East Meets West in the Practice of Qigong-Everyone is always nagging about exercise to be healthy. What if you feel so much pain or exhaustion the thought of exercise overwhelms you. Qigong is simple breathing techniques with slow fluid movement that can be adapted to meet your needs at the moment and move into the future with you. I speak from experience, I have been gifted with 3 autoimmune illnesses and complications. I understand the difficulty of trying to find a way to be as healthy as I possibly can. In this workshop, we won’t just be doing exercises, I will be explaining the benefits from the Eastern and Western perspectives. I have come to understand health is a continuum, a scale with personal value. If I feel and move better today than yesterday, that has value and gives me hope. Come play Qigong.

Qi Gong-Monkey Floor Play (particular for neck, back discomforts and digestive issues)Suited to all ages. Young children will enjoy rolling on the floor not knowing they are keeping their bodies aligned. Teenagers will learn to understand the workings of their nervous system. Great done slowly and carefully for the pregnant women, post pregnancy with child or senior. Older participants will bask in the glory of not dealing with low back pain and other difficulties of transitioning to the “Second Spring”. After “Transition”, life begins fresh without the foibles of youth. ( Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a Yoga mat, no perfumes). 

Qi Gong for the Home-School Family-This class is specifically for families (home-school networks or groups). We will focus on Animal Frolics which support healthy emotional, mind and body expressions in appropriate manners. Exercises will reinforce proper breathing, posture, alignment, balance, endurance as well as minor cardio-exercise. Be open to a new way of seeing exercise. One adult must accompany no more than 6 children, if responsible teenager over 16 years assists as many as 10 children may be supervised together. Adult may guide infants and toddlers through movements. The instructor is not responsible for controlling the behavior of the children you bring. Unruly children may be asked to leave. 

Qi Gong-Stress Relief with: Monkey Mind, Monkey Moves-During one hour we will follow the Five Pillars of Qi Gong; Breathing, Meditation, Fluid Movement, Acupressure Massage and Herbal Remedies for reducing stress and altering the mind-body connection to stress. We will discuss Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and other techniques that remain on the edge in US culture. (Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a Yoga mat, no perfumes). 

The Qi Gong Primer for Atypical Brain Development – This class is not just for Autism, but many non-typical neurodevelopment issues: Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD, ADHD and more, just ask if it might help. First we will teach the guardians to begin healing themselves. Next, we will practice a body massage that is simple to perform. We will discuss options for eating, herbal, and supplement support. This class is a must if you are exhausted from trying to find help. You’ve been to all the “Experts” and still feel you’ve made very little progress. There is hope. There is an easier, loving, compassionate way. Qi Gong can open a blocked level of communication in the body, unclog energetic pathways, stimulate nerve impulses, blood and lymph movement. (Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a Yoga mat, no perfumes). 

Qi Gong -Tai Chi’s Big Brother,– Discover a simple, complete system to benefit overall wellness, mind, body, and spirit. Qigong uses progressive relaxation, various breathing techniques, intention, visualization and fluid movements to consciously direct the energy of the body for balance and healing. In this routine, we will focus on all the organ meridians. To complete the understanding of the full nature of Qi Gong there will be an introduction to acupressure points and traditional herbal remedies. Co-ed class. Come dressed in comfortable clothes (similar to yoga), flat athletic shoes, bring yoga mat. (Printed notes available for $5.00, optional). No perfumes please. 1 hour/week for 6 weeks. 

Radiant Lotus Women’s Qi Gong– This practice is meant to serve young women from puberty through the continuing changes of the mature women. The focus is on learning the fluctuating patterns of life and the best techniques to balance spirit, emotion, mind and body. Many modalities will be discussed and practiced, including: Self-massage, fluid movements, acupressure, herbal remedies, essential oils, healing sounds, meditations, guided imagery, and progressive relaxation. If you or any of the women you love deal with PMS, hormonal headaches, cramping, cysts, fibroids, tumors, menopausal issues – fluctuating blood pressures, hot flashes, insomnia and countless other discomforts, this class may supply insights for useful change. (For women only. Yoga mat optional. 

Qi Gong Self-Massage-Experience while learning simple, quick techniques to refresh, revive and calm the mind, emotions, spirit and body. These massage techniques are wonderful for the full body whether you are tired and need to wake up, wired and need to calm down or want an overall cleansing of muscles, lymph and nerves. Once understood one can employ them in bed, in a chair at the office, standing, sitting or lying down, after walking or jogging. The circumstances are your choice. 

Popping Bubbles-This is a wonderful way to learn self-massage or bring the family (significant other) and learn to massage each other. Based on Reflexology but made simpler, we will progress through Auricular (Ear) Massage, Hand Massage and Foot Massage. I taught my children at an early age by practicing on them. As they grew, they offered Mom massages. As they aged they quickly grasped this was a way to make some money. At 5 years old they wanted $.25, at 10yrs-$1.00 and clearly by 13 yrs-$5 or more depending on the financial mind of the youngster. This is well worth paying children to practice. Not only will you feel great but they will be learning a skill to keep them healthy and assist them when they feel ill. Invest in pleasure and health at one time. Essential Oils can be added for even more pleasure or health intensity. 

Level I Advancing in Qi gong-Focus on understanding breathing, rooting, centering and opening the gates, with some discussion of herbs and acupressure. This class is kept small for proper mentoring and shared observations. Limit 10

Level II Advancing in Qi Gong-Attention is given to intention, guiding Qi through dredging the meridians, meditation, guided imagery, acupressure and specific herbals for support of each meridian. Limit 10

Level III Advancing in Qi Gong-Dealing with dis-ease using Qi Gong methods; breathing, meditation, slow fluid movements, acupressure & herbal remedies. In this class it is important to learn health as a changing continuum of successes and set-backs which brings one to new knowledge for ourselves and others.